FAN Theatre

FAN Theatre is a group of Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants dedicated to making creative, theatre based works that develop their skills and showcase insights into the Forgotten Australian journey.

The group has developed a project where Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants have recorded their own personal stories and those of others, for public viewing. These recordings will be kept as a public record and submitted to the State Library of Queensland’s collection. The project is about empowering the members of the group, and providing a platform for Forgotten Australians to share their stories and ideas.

Songs of Justice Concert, 2017

Art Collective

The Micah Projects Art Collective meets every week at Lotus Place, providing a relaxed atmosphere where participants feel safe and free to share ideas and stories, and create. The group is regularly involved in exhibitions, working alongside other community art groups to put on public showcases of their work. These opportunities have allowed the artists to network, talk about their work, and have the chance to sell their artwork in an environment that is supportive and inclusive and outside of the participant usual social circles. The opportunity has developed because of the ongoing supportive environment the weekly group provides.

Art class at Lotus Place

The new Lotus Place offers the group something they’ve never had before - a dedicated art room and custom-made storage space to secure artwork and supplies. This gives artists a sense of ownership of their own space, and a secure place where they can leave works in progress, and come back to each week rather than trying to transport artwork to and from the space. This has been a wonderful development and has resulted in a steady increase in attendance and productivity.

For more information please contact Lotus Place.

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