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POSTED 09-06-2015

Royal Commission to hold community forum in Warrnambool

Warrnambool residents are invited to learn more about the work of the Royal Commission at a community information forum on Wednesday 17 June.

Royal Commission media release 09 June 2015

POSTED 09-06-2015

Child sexual abuse at Geelong Grammar School

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse would like anyone who has information regarding child sexual abuse at Geelong Grammar School to contact the Royal Commission.

Royal Commission media release 09 June 2015

POSTED 28-05-2015

Royal Commission scrutinises the role of Cardinal George Pell in Ballarat

The Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse has been hearing evidence from convicted paedophile Gerard Ridsdale. The 81-year-old former priest is serving lengthy prison terms, having abused at least 50 boys over 30 years.

ABC Podcast 27 May 2015

POSTED 28-05-2015

Gerald Ridsdale: portrait of a monster as a forgetful old man

He doesn't look like a monster, this old man peering through spectacles, bald but for a few wisps of greyed hair above his ears.

Looks deceive. It's all in the perspective.

The Canberra Times Podcast 28 May 2015

POSTED 21-05-2015

Royal Commission to hold public hearing into Catholic Church authorities in Ballarat

The Royal Commission will hold public hearings in Ballarat. The first public hearing commences on Tuesday 19 May 2015 and the second will commence on a date to be announced.

RoyalComission media release 15 May2015

POSTED 07-05-2015

Child sex abuse inquiry: Health authorities knew of sex abuse allegations against Sydney doctor years before he was deregistered

A Sydney doctor who masturbated boys in his care during the 1970s and 1980s was not deregistered until 2013, a Royal Commission hears.

ABC radio report, 6 May 2015

POSTED 24-04-2015

Queensland nun admits she lacked compassion in orphanage abuse claims

A senior Catholic nun has admitted her response to allegations of physical and sexual abuse at a central Queensland orphanage was inadequate and exacerbated victims’ suffering.

The Guardian 21 April 2015

POSTED 22-04-2015

Sisters of Mercy leader didn’t listen to sexual abuse victims

The Sisters of Mercy leader admitted she was less than compassionate when sexual and physical abuse victims first started speaking out.

Not once when the allegations of abuse at Neerkol Orphanage first came to light, did Sister Berneice Loch attempt to contact victims, the Royal Commission panel heard yesterday.

The Bulletin Report 22 April 2015

POSTED 21-04-2015

Former Bishop apologises for failing sex abuse victims

He failed the victims of sexual abuse at Neerkol Orphanage and he will be sorry for the rest of his days.

The former Bishop of Rockhampton, Bishop Brian Heenan apologised unequivocally yesterday for the way he responded in the 1990s to allegations of child sex abuse at Neerkol Orphanage.

The Bulletin Report 21 April 2015

POSTED 21-04-2015

Church was prepared to pay for pedophile priest's headstone

The former Bishop of Rockhampton has apologised for the way he and the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton acted when allegations of child sex abuse were made in the early 1990s.

Bishop Heenan has given his evidence to the commission and has stepped down from the stand.

The Bulletin 20 April 2015

POSTED 21-04-2015

Historical Neerkol records destroyed in Brisbane floods

You may find yourself coming to several road blocks when you dig into Neerkol Orphanage's dark and horrific past.

Some Neerkol Orphanage records, kept in a basement in a Brisbane city building, were destroyed in 1974 when a flood swept through the State's Capital.

The Bulletin 21 April 2015

POSTED 21-04-2015

Sister Berneice Loch won't rule out investigation of directed

THE Royal Commission has heard Sr Loch would not rule out an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against former orphanage employee Kevin Baker.

Sr Loch admitted she wasn't proactive in her approach to the allegations that Mr Baker indecently touched a boy who lived at the orphanage.

The Bulletin Report 21 April 2015

POSTED 21-04-2015

Senior nun admits she lacked compassion

A senior Catholic nun admits her response to allegations of physical and sexual abuse at a Central Queensland Orphanage was inadequate and exacerbated victims' suffering.

9News Report 21 April 2015

POSTED 20-04-2015

Mark’s mission to honour kids

May the sun shine upon you and bring you warmth. May the winds that blow across this land bring you peace. May the stars that shine so bright spell out your names now and forever. For you are forgotten no more.

In a serene clearing off the Capricorn Hwy, gold plaques etched with this memorial message and the names of 110 children are mounted into stone boulders surrounded by what will grow to be a beautiful garden.

The Bulletin 20 April 2015

POSTED 20-04-2015

Hannelore wants the Neerkol stones removed

Hannelore Worrall (nee Majewski) now wants a bulldozer to knock down the Neerkol Orphanage memorial stones.

They are the very stones she helped commission to remember the children who attended the orphanage before it closed in 1978.

The Bulletin 20 April 2015

POSTED 20-04-2015

Orphanage victims frustrated over National Redress Scheme

There is growing frustration that the inquiry into child sexual abuse will not be able to deliver an adequate national redress scheme to compensate victims.

Francis Sullivan, CEO of the Truth Justice and Healing Council speaks to RN Breakfast's Ellen Fanning from Rockhampton.

Click here for the complete interview-ABC radio 20 April 2015

POSTED 20-04-2015

State should take some responsibility: Allaway

Although he will never quite get justice, Allan Allaway wants to see the State Government take some responsibility for the misconduct at Neerkol Orphanage.

"If it wasn't for those so-called authorities at the State Children's Department (at the time), there wouldn't be any physical or sexual abuse at Neerkol," he said.

The Bulletin Report 16 April 2015

POSTED 17-04-2015

Royal Commission continues into alleged abuse at Neerkol orphanage

An alleged pedophile priest told his victim he would throw the boy off a bridge in central Queensland if he revealed he was being raped.

Couriermail podcast 17 April 2015

POSTED 17-04-2015

Abuse at the Sisters of Mercy-run Neerkol orphanage has shocked a Royal Commission

It was Sister Emile who would clean him up and ensure he had a nappy for the bleeding after he would return, yet again, from being raped by the priest after the evening Mass.

Perthnow Report 17 April 2015

POSTED 17-04-2015

Ex-bishop 'deeply regrets' abuse response

A retired Catholic Bishop says he deeply regrets dismissing allegations of child sexual abuse against members of his clergy and admits he put the reputation of the Church first.

9News Report 17 April 2015

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