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Lotus Place Focus Group Reports

A brief review of services at Lotus Place is being undertaken to inform plans for the future of Lotus Place, following the conclusion of the Royal Commission and the likely reduction in funding for Lotus Place as a result.
The review began in April with four focus groups with Lotus Place Participants; two in Brisbane and one each in Rockhampton and Townsville. People who could not attend the groups were invited to send written submissions (four were received) or to be interviewed by telephone by either the consultant or Micah Projects staff member (seven telephone interviews were conducted). A meeting was also held with the Historical Abuse Network, which focused on the future of advocacy through Lotus Place. Staff of Lotus Place were given a verbal report of the themes arising from the above and met for a day and a half to discuss future directions of Lotus Place.
Ann Porcino is the consultant working with Micah Projects on this project

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Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Brisbane Group One

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Brisbane Group Two

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Rockhampton Group

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Townsville Group

Child Migration Programmes – Investigation Report March 2018

This report sets out the results of the Inquiry’s investigation into the experiences of child migrants, and the extent to which institutions took sufficient care to protect these children from sexual abuse. The investigation also examined the extent to which the institutions involved knew, or should have known, about the sexual abuse of child migrants and how they have responded to any such knowledge. Finally, it considered the adequacy of support and reparations for sexual abuse, if any, which have been provided by the institutions concerned.Although the focus of the Inquiry is on sexual abuse, the accounts of other forms of abuse provide an essential context for understanding the experiences of child migrants

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Wallet Cards for Forgotten Australians

Wallet cards for Forgotten Australians 

What Survivors Want: Part Two- A Compensation Framework for Historic Abuses in Residential Institutions

In response to survivor’s demands for redress to commence without delay and to facilitate access to justice, a series of meetings, workshops, round tables and seminars were held, sponsored by the Ulster University, where redress was objectively discussed by many experts and survivors. An Expert Panel was then established and commissioned two reports. On March 15, 2016, survivors launched their first Report titled, What Survivors Want From Redress,setting out the fundamental guiding principles for redress and an outline of a voluntary redress plan. Here,we build on the first Report and set out detailed recommendations for a framework for compensation,and other forms of redress. This second Report presents a comprehensive study of a cost effective,reasonable redress plan as an alternative to civil court proceedings.

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Historical Institutional Abuse: What Survivors Want From Redress-Part 1

This report provides a first-hand account and insight into what survivors want from redress. A survivor perspective is frequently missing from the literature and policy debate on redress.This is the first of two reports commissioned by the Panel of Experts on Redress. The Panel is made up of individual survivors, survivor groups, human rights organisations, academics, practitioners, members of the legal profession, and national and international experts. It is a survivor-driven process

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Research Findings of LOFA study -Forgotten Australians-UNSW Australia

Please find below the link to the research findings, including the electronic version of the report and summary report, and a youtube video link of the event:

Issue Paper on Civil Litigation Reforms

Issues Paper

The civil litigation recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse:Redress and Civil Litigation Report - understanding the Queensland context

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Click here to view Whole -of- Government Guidelines for responding to civil litigation involving child sexual abuse

A Health Card for Medical & Dental Care for all Forgotten Australians.

We the Forgotten australian survivors call on the Federal Government to provide efficient and on going Medical Dental & Counselling to all survivors raised in Orphanages Childrens Homes & Foster Care across Australia during the last century. We would like to see this implemented in the form of a Health Card similar to the Gold Card that the War Veterans have acquired. This will not only cover Health Dental & Counselling, but will also include public transport, and other forms of transport used to help obtain and gain access to Health Care.

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Forgotten Australians LOFA Study (Long-term Outcomes of Forgotten Australians Study)

People who have lived in child welfare institutions and other substitute care as children are known to have suffered significant disadvantage in their life course. This research will build knowledge about the range of experiences and outcomes for this population. It will identify critical points in care leavers’ lives and events that have contributed to the development of both positive and negative life outcomes.

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Snapshot of consultations with Forgotten Australians

The Department of Communities have published the findings of surveys and focus groups that took place in 2010 with an independent organisation RPR Consulting.

Towards Healing

A Catholic Church document detailing principles and procedures in responding to complaints of abuse against personnel of the Catholic Church in Australia, January 2010.

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