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The Queensland Government has led the way in Australia, in acknowledging the harm which was suffered by people who experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting including out-of-home care.

From its early funding in 1997 for victims of crime in church-run institutions; to its establishment in 1999 of the Ford Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions, and subsequent inquiries; to its Apologies to those who had been harmed; its redress scheme and memorials, the Government has continued that strong role.

Now, through its funding for services at Lotus Place, the Queensland Government supports people who experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting Queensland wide.


Timeline of significant events in Queensland for people who experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting.

Year Event

Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions
Link to the Queensland Government's Response to the Inquiry's Recomendations

1999 Apology to Those Harmed in Queensland institutions during their Childhood
1999 A Redress Scheme is established in response to the Forde Inquiry into institutional care of children. Eligible applicants received an ex gratia payment, ranging from $7,000 up to $40,000. The Scheme closed in 2009.
2000 Forde Foundation Trust Fund established to provide financial assistance to those who suffered harm while in care
2004  Inquiry into the Abuse of Children in Foster Care
2004 The Queensland Government, along with Brisbane City Council, funded the Historic Abuse Network Memorial, also known as the Child Abuse Memorial, which was unveiled in Brisbane in 2004 and relocated in 2006 to Cathedral Square. The bronze, life-size statue of a barefooted child, with tattered suitcase in hand, was sculpted by Gavan Fenelon. The inscription reads: In memory of all the children who suffered and of those who did not survive abuse in Church and State Childrens' institutions and homes in Queensland.
"For there is nothing hidden, except that it should be made known, neither was anything made secret out that it should come to light." (quote from the Alliance for Forgotten Australians).
2010 Queensland Apology to Children Placed in Adult Mental Health Institutions
2011  Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry
2012 Apology for Forced Adoption Policies and Practices
2018 The Queensland Government joins the National Redress Scheme for people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

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