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Responses to Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety 2019

In July and August 2019, Lotus Place held a series of forums in Brisbane, Rockhampton, Townsville and via teleconference in Mackay and Cairns seeking feedback from Forgotten Australians about their concerns and aspirations in relation to the aged care system.

Feedback from people with lived experience in institutional care as children was summarised in a report sent to the Aged Care Royal Commission in September 2019.

Feedback in the Micah report to the Commission emphasised, that despite eleven previous inquiries (three in Queensland and eight Australia wide), there is little awareness or action in response to recommendations from the health and agedcare sectors about people who were in institutional or out of home care as children, and the legacy and implications of trauma they have carried throughout their lives.

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Lotus Place Focus Group Reports

A review of services at Lotus Place was undertaken to inform plans for the future of Lotus Place, following the conclusion of the Royal Commission and the likely reduction in funding for Lotus Place as a result.

Please click the links below for the respective reports

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Brisbane Group One

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Brisbane Group Two

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Rockhampton Group

Lotus Place Focus Group Report-Townsville Group

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Child Migration Programmes – Investigation Report March 2018

This report sets out the results of the Inquiry’s investigation into the experiences of child migrants, and the extent to which institutions took sufficient care to protect these children from sexual abuse. The investigation also examined the extent to which the institutions involved knew, or should have known, about the sexual abuse of child migrants and how they have responded to any such knowledge. 

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Wallet Cards for survivors of institutional child abuse

Please contact Lotus Place if you would like to obtain wallet cards for people who experienced childhood abuse in an institutional setting including out-of-home care.

What Survivors Want: Part Two – A Compensation Framework for Historic Abuses in Residential Institutions

A Report from Northern Ireland, May 2016.

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Historical Institutional Abuse: What Survivors Want From Redress – Part One

A Report from Northern Ireland, March 2016.

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Forgotten Australians LOFA Study (Long-term Outcomes of Forgotten Australians Study)

Please find below the link to the UNSW Australia Research findings, including the electronic version of the report and summary report, and a youtube video link of the event:

Issue Paper on Civil Litigation Reforms

Issues Paper

The civil litigation recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Redress and Civil Litigation Report – understanding the Queensland context.

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A 2013 Petition calling for a Health Card for medical and dental care for survivors of institutional child abuse

A 2013 Petition calling on the Federal Government to provide efficient and on going medical, dental and counselling to all survivors raised in orphanages, childrens homes and foster care across Australia during the last century.

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Snapshot of consultations with Forgotten Australians

The Department of Communities have published the findings of surveys and focus groups that took place in 2010 with an independent organisation RPR Consulting.

Towards Healing

A Catholic Church document detailing principles and procedures in responding to complaints of abuse against personnel of the Catholic Church in Australia, January 2010.

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